Domain Names For Sale

I sell generic domain names that have multiple branding and promotion possibilities. For example the domain name “” could be used by any LTE business with sub domains like company “” and could expand their sub domains to other parts of the business ie: 5G could be set up for “”. You could use more of the my domains in the same fashion. A good example would be or (one I am working with) I have created several sub domain names for See: or with the base of your company at the same would go for!

🏁 To buy most domain names for sale from its Domains just go 👍 see the list of most domain names for sale.😊

The possibilities are unlimited, brandable and with a little work you can key in on your brand or your sub domains like keying in the name 5g making it easier to get on the first pages of all the major search engines. As we all know if you afre not on the first or second page you are not going to get many hits. A good example of this is, use the term [ its Miami ] on Bing search engine  and you will see my site is #1 one out of over 3 million results! The same goes for another site I own if you search for the term [ its vegas ] my website is #1 out of over 7 million pages on Bing. I have not even promoted any of those websites or any of my websites for that matter and the search engines pick them up and place them with out any promotion because of their reference to the name searched. is a new domain name I have acquired, I am replacing the list and sales of all my domain names from Matrix.Domains and it is a part of the Area Control network . It is replacing Matrix Domains for domain name sales and list however Matrix Domains will still post and update domain name news and DNS news. I have over 100 domain names for sale and soon you will find them all listed on the It’s Domains website and I have listed all of my (its.) domain names for sale below. The domain names on this page that are for sale are all consider to be 3 letter domain names being with (its.), after all ( you know!

If you would be interested in buying the [] domain name I would consider selling it but it does come with a hefty price. I will sell and over 100 other domain names listed here and at Matrix Domains including the domain name [All  Sells for $15,000,000.00] as If I just sold just I would have nowhere to sell any more of my other domain names. Any domain names with the word “control” in it would not be a part of this package ie:, and any others.

You may inquire about any domain names for sale or information about its domains through the Contact Me form. If you have any questions or issues about any of the websites I own please use the Area Control contact form on Area Control Network contact page.

If you are looking for specific domain names the best way to find them would be by using the search box in the top menu to the right. ie: searching the term [LTE] would result in the domain name for sale.

Below is the list of my (its) Domain names for sale. The its name alone is very generic and the extensions are generic. The its domain names also make the best sub domains to target your projects! The best email names and not to mention how unusual the word it is! Its can go 2 different ways, its meaning can be either “it is” (it’s) or “it has” (its)  ie: 1. “it’s tire is flat” or 2. the tire, its flat.