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How to challenge Youtube video monetization with copyright challenge

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In this video Attorney Steve Vondran, intellectual property lawyer shares his experience with an alleged copyright content holder AdRev, who made a copyright challenge to one of my videos I made for my youtube channel. The video was about software piracy, and AdREv claimed I was using one of their copyrighted songs, so they made a challenge through youtube.

This is stressful because someone is challenging your right to use a song, and basically treating you as a music infringer. When this happens, you get a link in your video manager telling you that someone is challenging you.

Now, one of the things a copyright holder can due (aside from suing you in federal court for infringement) is to "monetize" your video, meaning, put one of their ADS on your video – ANNOYING I HATE THAT and I have no videos on my ads because I don’t believe in bogging people down with the drudgery of the commercial world.

So here is this ad running (from some cheezy looking ambulance chaser) and I want him off my page. So I challenge the attack on my channel, and filed a dispute. This video talks about what I went through, and YES, I WON they dismissed their copyright claim, (which was bogus for two reasons, first, the song I used in my video was licensed by GoAnimate the company I licensed the animated software from, and they license their musing through a company called Premiumbeat, and second, I was informed the song at issue was actually in the "public domain" (meaning anyone can use it).

So as you can see, if you don’t challenge these things, some company can try to get a "free ride" on your videos by trying to monetize them with a questionable copyright claim.

Now, I have to consider if I want to take any further action to recover the money they improperly made on the adds they ran on my video, and for the interference with my business. I am also considering my rights against the law firm that allowed its personal injury ad to be blasted on my website. Will keep you posted if I decide to move forward on that.

Winning copyright cases is fun! If you need legal help with Youtube copyright claims, disputes, counter-notifications, DMCA takedowns, parody, or first amendment claims, call us at (877) 276-5084.

This is an advertisement and a communication, and not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice. Our firm is licensed to practice law in CA and AZ, and we take federal copyright and trademark cases nationwide. We hope you enjoy this video.

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